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"what is this anyway!"
it's trainwreck! a comic i do in my freetime. it's just for enjoyment so i don't stress too hard on the art and things might be a little wobbly storywise. but i still care about it alot!
i've got alot in store for this little comic here. i had alot of ideas/characters that were just kind of floating around and didn't really belong in any of my other stories so, this comic is gonna be the place i can finally dump them! yaaay!

"yeah, that helped. what IS IT?"
kuro's life is relatively normal, then along comes train to throw off any kind of normality it might have had. train's a kid who causes more trouble than most kids and is known by more people than some kid who doesn't even go to school should. somehow kuro gets caught up in his web of trouble because of some little mistakes he made and unwillingly becomes something like train's "partner in crime."

"so what's it got in it?"
a large cast of idiot kids and swearing and homosexuals and waiters and nonsensical ramblings and dinosaurs and name calling and puppies and the subject of timetravel and crossdressing and different perspectives and maybe somethings offensive.

"why's it called trainwreck?"
i couldn't think of anything else. :<

"and who're YOU?"
just some slacker 10th grade highschooler named kelly lavigne. i love drawing and reading comics but get sick of bland overused storylines. i aiming to make trainwreck something different, at least a bit so.
i also don't like writing descriptions.D:

"i can't believe i just sat here reading all that nonsense."
not sorry.

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